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Terms of Service


All design plans use your own web domain (, etc.)

Basic Web Design: 10 webpages using available Templates and 5 email addresses. The Basic Website Design Fee is $25/ hour, with a minimum three hour charge. No website maintenance included. Satisfaction Guarantee included.

Advanced Web Plan: Unlimited Template or Custom designed webpages, 10 email addresses, No website maintenance included. Satisfaction Guarantee included.

****The Best Deal****

Supreme Web Plan: Advance Web Plan plus Full Webmaster Service (see below), additional email addresses, and a choice of up to five special services/ features available by the hosting services. These special services will vary depending upon your web hosting provider. We will include a list of the possible services available with your estimate.

Hourly services: 3 hours minimum for website design; all other hourly services charges start at the first 31 minutes of each session, at which time the hourly rate for that service starts. There will be no charge for the first 30 minutes. A session is defined as the work performed for a particular service prior to the satisfaction guarantee being signed by the customer.

Monthly services are 12 month contracts. There is no penalty for cancellation in writing before 6 months. Written cancellation after 6 months, there is a one-month charge. Only written cancellation requests will be honored. Email:

A written cost estimate will be provided for the website service request. For services with hourly rates, there is a minimum charge of 3 hours. Additional hours will be estimated and included in the written estimate. If the hourly estimate is short and it takes longer to do the work, there will be no additional charge for the additional time. There will be an adjustment of one hour credit, if the work takes less time than estimated. All written estimates include a satisfaction clause to be signed by the customer when the work is completed to the customer's satisfaction. Once the satisfaction clause is signed, the job is finished. Any after-approval work requested will be billed separately as a new charge.

FULL WEBMASTER SERVICE:  We fully manage your website 24/7 and includes website maintenance, monitoring, troubleshooting, design issues, hosting service problems, etc. We take care of your website so you can take care of your business.

Note: We do not operate a website hosting service. If you have a web host service you use, we must be given access to your account on that service, in order to manage your website. You will be responsible for paying for your hosting service separately from any of the services we provide.

You may choose to transfer your domain and website to, which is the hosting service we recommend. We can accomplish the transfer and set up accounts, email addresses, etc. for you. You will be subject to's terms of use and service. If you accept our recommendation for using as your hosting service, your annual hosting fee is $120.00 for the Bravenet Pro service, and this fee will be included in your estimate.

SYSTEM SUPPORT HELP includes advice on operating system problems, networking issues, printing problems, online services issues, etc. Most issues can be solved within the first hour. We also offer a remote desktop service for an additional $25 one-time fee, not time limit. You can alert us to problems by  email (preferred) or a phone call (limited hours). If you contact us by email, be sure to explain the problem completely, include any error messages received, and your phone number. If you call us be sure to be at your computer with the information about the problem. Once your problem is solved you will be given payment instructions. *Note: If we can’t solve your problem there will be no charge.

Calling hours are 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm M-T and 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Fri. No phone calls Saturday or Sunday, email only.

ELECTRONIC PUBLICATIONS: This fee includes the creation of online newsletters in HTML or PDF format. We will also create printable versions for download. The formatting, layout, etc. will be done according to your instructions. We will edit your submitted copy only for obvious misspellings and grammatical errors. We will always submit a proof for your approval and final edit. But once final proofs are approved, no other changes may be made. The document will be uploaded with final approval. At that point we are not responsible for any spelling or grammatical errors, so please be sure you have carefully proofed the text before you give final approval. This is usually a three day turn-around service, so please plan accordingly. If you need a document uploaded immediately, there will be a nominal “quick print” fee.

 Payment Policies

All prices for web services are firm. The work product is guaranteed. We will stay on the job until you are satisfied. Payment must be made via PayPal. You will receive payment instructions with the cost estimate. A deposit of $25 is required before any service is rendered. Deposit is non-refundable if you cancel the contract once work has begun. On hourly services, final payment will be due immediately once the satisfaction clause is signed. No refunds on the hourly services will be made once the satisfaction clause is signed. Monthly services are 12 month contracts, which incur a one month charge penalty if canceled after 6 months.